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About the brand « Different »

Everyone is intrinsically Different, if you just BE YOURSELF. The brand “Different” is represented by The Bronze Joker. Think of all people (humans) as a deck of cards (your standard 52). If you were a card that does not belong in the deck, (say a Pokémon card for example) you would be something completely outside of the deck (or you would just not be human). There are many different suits and types of cards within the deck. You have your Kings, Queens, 10s, 7s, 3s, 2s, etc. If you lay all of the cards out around in a circle, all of the same type of cards would be grouped together. All of your Kings would be together, your Queens, your 2s, etc. What the Joker represents is someone who belongs within the deck, but is the one card that is truly unique and stands out from the rest. Although the Joker may have many similar qualities to many of the other cards, and although the Joker may be able to fit in with all of the other cards, no matter what it will never belong to each individual group. The Joker is alone by itself in the middle of the circle in the deck. J.C believes that if everyone is truly themselves, we can all be Jokers. If you truly do not conform or try to be something you are not, you will in turn be “different”. This is the whole movement behind the Joker.

The “III » signifies the last number in the area code for the nation’s capital of Canada, Ottawa (61″3″). The number 3 has been significant to J.C his entire life, and now he has decided to associate his city with a piece of himself. J.C believes that every person and every city has a number. He represents himself by the number 3 or III. The III has many other personal meanings, but to keep it simple you can use the III to represent the city of Ottawa.

To be a part of this movement all you have to do is just be you. There are way too many copies of everyone else in this world and not enough originals. Find your own path and your own purpose. If there is none then create one.
In refusing to conform to society’s boundaries or to what the majority may view as popular and by choosing to find your own path, you are choosing to be unique and special in your own way. Be different. III



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About J.C

J.C has managed to craft a unique and creative sound that distinguishes him from other artists. In doing most of his production by himself, J.C wishes to continue to enhance his skills further and put forth the knowledge and experience he has learnt over the years towards music. J.C has transcribed his life into music ever since he was a little kid and has now decided to make his passion his priority. By using his words through his voice J.C believes that he can help influence and change the world for the better. J.C is an independent artist with no management. Keep an eye out for this underdog because with the right support and his continued persistency and discipline this rapper may be on the come up.


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